My Hollywood Relationship: Part 10 The End

It has been a long string of posts, I know. Here is the end to this long story, so everything after this you will know exactly where I am coming from and one of the biggest parts of my life in the past year which has shaped what I think about relationships. Now let us begin the end.

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The turn of events was far from ideal for this couple, just recently happy together again. A storm seemingly erupted out of nowhere. The next couple of days they spent not talking, both knew full well what had happened, and he, most of all, was not ok with it. As an almost mirror opposite of how the semester began, it was now he who was questioning whether this relationship was going to work or not, and really had to think hard about whether he wanted her now, or if it was time for the end. Out of anger, his first instinct said no, but they spent the next couple of days away from each other, and that helped him think about the next best plan of action. She was, after all, what he thought to be the one, and she matched most all of his criteria for the perfect woman. At this point his head said yes, but his heart was deeply confounded and hurt from the actions that she had taken not too long before they met to talk things out.

After some time they decided to talk things out and with some work those last few days seemed normal, and happy between the two. Not nearly the same as it was just six months prior, but happy enough to enjoy the final time they had together, and just like that, it was time for them to part again.

What they thought was that it would only be a month, just one short month. Not the easiest thing, but doable, they had done it a few times before, and this time seemed like it would be no problem. Unfortunately, this time was coming off their biggest fight, and what truly put them closest to the end, but they had made it through that and seemed quite confident that this would work, then they would have another four to five months together before the true challenge happened. The month had started off normal enough, talking everyday, doing the normal rounds that they did, by the naked eye everything seemed fine, and they both seemed happy. Whether that really was the case was another issue entirely.

There were definitely cracks in the armor of their relationship. Not too many people really knew that they existed, but to those close it was evident that there was something wrong, or perhaps just missing. Once the month was over they were confident all would return to normal and it would resolve itself. However, there was yet another unforeseen turn of events. She would not be making her flight back due to medical reasons, and to his surprise and amazement, he didn’t know when she would actually be returning. Months beyond what was originally planned. All that time they were planning on spending together, living together in real life like two lovers should, was now gone, decimated and disappeared. To make matters worse, the communication failed, and fights ensued. Everything that they had worked for in the past year was put on the ropes, pushed to its limits of breaking, and just inches away from ending. At this point, their connection lays in limbo, a mystery as to where it will end up and where it is headed. The future ahead is dark, but perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Although the odds are stacked against them, they do know a few things. The first is that they spent the most wonderful year of their lives together. Sure it had its ups and downs, but the happiness that was shared between them was stronger than any other time in their lives. They learned more about themselves and each other, than any other time in their life, and they really learned what it takes to make things work out. They learned what real love is, passionate, fulfilling, and everlasting. They know that no matter where life takes them, they will have left a mark on each other’s hearts that will have forever changed their lives for the better. It may have all began with a longing heart, and it may end with two longing hearts, but they can forever look back knowing that they put everything into it, and got the world out, the world that they saw every night as they lay next to each other sweetly gazing with greater love than they had ever known, into each other’s eyes, until the warmth of their skin, and the blankets they laid under, gently drifted them to sleep. A sleep full of dreams, that were never better than the reality they shared.  That's all Folks

My Hollywood Relationship: Part 9 The Storm

At this point in the story, my whole life seemed to be perfect. I was starting a great tech company, I had the girl of my dreams, and I could not be happier with the love that we shared together. To sum it up, life was absolutely perfect, and looking back on it, to this day I think those were the happiest few months of my entire life. I can only wish that any point in the future can hold that great of happiness. Enough with the sappiness though, it is time for the storm clouds to roll in and put an end to all this sunshine. Enter stage left, the rain cloud, give me a few good lightning strikes, and bring on the thunder. I hope you have a comfy seat and are buckled in, because we are in for some turbulence.

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Eventually she returned to Japan, and he returned to California, and they began the long journey and process of staying connected and in love until they saw each other again. Probably the most meaningful and dedicated thing they did, was to write one blog post about a quote or question they selected. This was quite the process, but it allowed them to learn more about one another in those four months than they ever learned about any other person. It showed true compassion for their relationship to go through that each and every night, and to share so much, with such strength or character and honesty.

The first three months, even though spent apart seemed to be going amazingly. The love that was being shared each and everyday was palpable, and incredibly touching. They were more in love than ever, and the intense happiness that they felt during the semester prior, and the wonderful memories they shared together seemed to continue deep into the summer, even while thousands of miles away. Until all at once it changed, and those feelings of happiness and love came to an abrupt end.

Those final couple of weeks seemed to drag on forever. Happiness and love turned into arguing, hurtful things being said, and little affection being shown. It all began with her disappearing one day, and they did not speak. When she finally responded back he was about to lay his head on his pillow and drift off into sleep, worrying about her, and her safety. Turns out she was fine, but didn’t want to talk to him anymore. Tensions were building, and pressure was being pushed on her for finding a job and starting a career. Apparently that left him as a second thought, one that she would return to without actual feelings of whether she wanted to still be with him. Their love, once an amazing tower, built strong and tall, now left laying in shambles, torn down, and left in a mess of rubble. He was left speechless, his seemingly weakening heart hurting more than it ever had. What had happened? He was not sure, and maybe she wasn’t either, but how would he know?

He had waited all summer for her to come back and be reunited with him, and now it seemed like that moment would, and shouldn’t ever happen. When the day arrived, he got into his car and made sure to get to the airport early so that he wouldn’t run into traffic, and he wouldn’t make her wait if she got there early. He had a whole romantic evening by the beach planned for when she returned, but he didn’t know if it would actually be worth it at this point, with her not even sure if they should still be together. Sadly, and almost pathetically, he was still confident in being with her, and that made it even harder for him to bear seeing her.Dust Storm Bringing in the Problems

He pulled into the terminal and there she was with her luggage in hand. They hugged, and kissed and seemed happy enough to see each other, but the feeling they had before just was not the same. He decided to continue on his romantic plan anyway, hoping that it would reignite that flame they shared just four months prior. It was a nice night out, but it wasn’t perfect like he dreamed. It led to arguing and wondering where they were actually headed, but they still managed to have a good enough time together.

It was the many weeks after that, that would prove the most difficult. All he wanted was his sweetheart back, the one he called the one, the one he loved with no end. She on the other hand thought herself to be a newly awakened individual, who didn’t want anyone by her side and no one to love. To him that was alarming, he was still reeling from the fact that everything changed 180 degrees in such a short period of time.

She was confused, about who she was, what she really wanted and where they would be headed. In just a couple months she would be headed back to Japan permanently. That would be an entirely different challenge. He knew she was struggling though, and he did absolutely everything he possibly could to make sure she was happy again, and loved him like she used to. At this point there was no happiness, no love, no affection. It was a struggle to get anywhere with the relationship and it was nearing it’s end. At any moment he thought that he would give up, and just consider the relationship to be a lost cause, but he kept going, doing absolutely everything he possibly could to make her happy.

She was not sure she wanted to continue the relationship when she returned to Japan, but he was confident they could do it. They just had to get through each week, step by step. He took her out often, and tried to do special things as much as he could to help her cope with everything, and experience the many great things that life had to offer. The first major milestone was making it to his best friends wedding when they would return to Colorado for a few days to celebrate in the love of marriage and a child, and strong friendship. That seemed to be a rejuvenating moment in their relationship, and things were back on track, but not the same as they used to be. It would take more time for them to really get back to what would be close to how they were before.

After the brief road trip they had together to visit his dad, and the time they spent in Colorado with his friends things really started to seem to get back to normal and she seemed happy again. It had taken a toll on him though. The endless effort made him exhausted. He still loved her dearly, but he just hoped that she would realize how much time he spent trying to help her get through those tough times. They finally seemed happy together, once again. Now there was just one month left in the semester and they had to make the best of it. He had done everything out of love, but now six months of a struggling relationship made him the skeptical one about what would happen when they left one another for potentially two years. Interestingly enough she was the one who was the one who wanted to make it work when they separated again. He did too, but knew that it was going to be very hard, and he needed to recharge his batteries soon. In this last month things seemed to be great again, and it all was happy. The scars were still there from the summer, but the strong happiness and endless love seemed to be back again. Just as his batteries were getting recharged, his trust was broken again, just two weeks before they would be separated indefinitely.

My Hollywood Relationship: Part 8 The Long Separation

As you may have read from my earlier posts, everything in this rather Hollywood romance story, has been just peachy and full of happiness. However, as with any great Oscar winning film, there must be a major climax, and some major problem that happens between the two lovers. Unbeknownst to them, it is time for that turn in the story, even when everything seems to be falling into place perfectly. Plot line for a story

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Heading into the summer they tried to spend as much time together as possible. It was the most amazing semester the two of them had ever had, and they never felt happier in their lives. They also began to talk about what the next four months apart held for them. They were going to try their best to make it through it, but she warned that she did not do well with long distance, and he wasn’t known for being the best either. Despite that fact though, they were committed to making it work and being at their happiest ever, they were going to stop at nothing to make it work.

The end of the year approached and it was a sad time, another bitter sweet time. Capping off the end to one of the greatest experiences of their lives, but getting ready to begin a new long and seemingly grueling strain of unending longing for one another. They said their long goodbyes at the airport, kissed passionately and then he left to go back home, and she returned to school until she would leave to go back home.

As a whim though, she decided she would come spend some time in his home state, and home town with him. He could not be happier, and he was waiting to tell her something that he had been thinking about ever since he had that flash about their future together. He wasn’t sure she felt the same way though, or whether or not she would accept how he felt and not leave him right then and there. When she arrived, it was amazing. They went to all the places that were so meaningful to him, and she saw the place of where all his stories and experiences originated from. She saw the final pieces of him, and really put it all together to see him for exactly who he was, is, and will be. He completely let her in, and he felt ecstatic about it.

A couple days later, as they were laying together in the small pullout couch at his mom’s house, he told her exactly what he had been thinking about. He told her everything about how he wanted a family with her, and how he never felt that about anyone else, and how he knew that she was the one, the one that you see in every romantic comedy film to come out of Hollywood. She was his fairytale ending. She harbored similar feelings for him, and they both lay there, tightly pressed against one another, staring deeply into the eyes of the other, with nothing but love surrounding them.

The last days she spent with him were amazing, everything that they had ever imagined. Unfortunately, this time they approached the the airport it would be a long time before they ever were able to hug, kiss, or share in a loving stare as they fell asleep next to each other, happy. These next months would be some of the most difficult for them, but they didn’t quite know just how it would end.

My Hollywood Relationship: Part 7 Love

It is finally time, where we fall in love. There was nothing better in life at this point, nothing at all.

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It would be a little while longer when they finally admitted that they have truly fell completely for one another. It was a very ordinary day, there was nothing particularly special about it, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and it was just like every other day before it, and everyone there after. There was one specific difference though, today was finally they day he was going to tell her that he loved her. He had been hinting at it for quite some time, drawing “I heart you” on her chest while they lay together at night, falling asleep in one another’s arms. Today though, this was the day, the wondrous amazing day that he would finally let her know how he truly felt.

He had been in a relationship before, a rather long one reaching to two years, and he did love that girl, or at least to the extent that he thought love could be felt. This time though, he knew this was everlasting, and beyond any emotional feeling that he had ever felt in his young life. He was positive that any spark of emotion, any lust for another individual before could never compare to what he had grown to experience in those last few months. She was perfect, not without imperfections, but perfect in the sense that she was the embodiment of everything he had ever wanted in a loved one. Head to toe, there was nothing better that existed in the world.

They were relaxing in his big, double bed together. They were being silly and rolling around, and he was just about to get ready for track practice, when he laid on top of her and said those three little words that he so feared saying for much too long. He didn’t say it in any grand way, he didn’t plan anything particularly romantic. He just said it, and it felt so natural, like it had been said to her a hundred times before. She was caught off guard and quickly asked if it was true, and he adoringly admonished that yes he did in fact love her without bound. She, almost astonishingly, responded, that yes she loved him too. For both of them it had to be one of the most joyful moments they had ever felt. As if he was the Grinch before, he felt like his heart grew three sizes. As normal as that moment felt, it almost seemed as though that moment should have been more momentous. It wasn’t though, but it was none the less meaningful. He loved her, and she him, and all was perfect.


Not too long after that it was time that she meet his parents. His dad was the first one for her to meet, and his dad sat waiting in his room to meet her. He knew his dad would really like her, but could never be too sure. There was no one more important to him to have like her. The first encounter went well, his dad slipped a few sly, but funny comments in their conversation, but all was well and his initial impression of her was good. The next encounter for her would be his mom, and he was positive that his mom would love her, just because of who his mom was, and indeed she did. The rest of that weekend was largely spent with his family, and she perhaps met more of his family than she had planned, but it all went very well, and they all approved of her 100%. This was incredibly meaningful for him, because it validated his sincere love for her inside and out.

Sadly, as his family left it meant that the end of the semester was approaching and that meant that he would briefly be returning home before coming back to start his company, and she would be headed back to Japan for nearly four long months apart.

My Hollywood Relationship: Part 6 The One

As a little teaser, this is the part in the story where everything starts to click. Everything seems to be picture perfect, and without end, the quintessential Hollywood moment when it appears that it cannot get any better. It is truly amazing how it all works out though, and gives you a warm feeling from head to toe.

Part 1, 2, 3, 3.2, 4, 5 are all here.


He met her at the airport, and could not have been happier. Seeing her there, for the first kiss of the new year, that he had waited so long for was amazing. All the while he wondered if she felt the same way, it was not love yet, but it was something immensely strong. From there on out, each night they spent together, cuddled closely in the thin beds to express their affection, and what seemed to be an undying need, and sincere want for one another.

They were not a couple that expressed their feelings for one another as outwardly as many other couples did, but there was a smoldering ember inside both of them, incredibly hot, but not a big fire that would eventually go out. This made them special, not just to one another, but in general as this was a relationship that was binding and long lasting, mentally, physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Happiness would be the word to describe the many moments and days that followed. Everything seemed perfect, as if Heaven were something that was actually here on earth and only shared between the two of them. In everything they did with one another they had fun, and enjoyed one another thoroughly. They each had their own things to do, and were busy, but at the end of the night they knew where they were laying there heads, and it was next to one another in pure happiness. In that time span there really couldn’t have been anything better, it was life as it should be.Perfect Home White Picket Fence

Love began to be present in their thoughts, something that seemed almost impossible, but that slowly and surely crept up into the front of their minds and began to surround their hearts. Valentine’s Day was approaching, and he knew he wanted to do something that had never been done before to show her just how much he cared. It took some time for him to think of how to do something above and beyond what could be imagined.

At last he had the idea, and just needed to execute. He didn’t have much time because of his schedule but he made it work. He borrowed his friends car and rushed to the store to buy a dozen roses. Now, he wasn’t simply going to hand the roses to her and wish her a happy Valentine’s Day, he was going to do something much more special, and meaningful. He wanted to do something that would make Hollywood proud. For that he called up another friend of his, and had her let him into her dorm. Once there, he took his first rose, and plucked the petals one by one. Laying a trail of petals from the front door of her dorm to the front door of her room. It wasn’t a quick process, and it took three roses just to have enough petals to get all the way there. He then went outside to wait for her to return, and proceeded to wait another half hour until she walked up. He was beaming, and he could tell she was excited to see what was in store for her. He handed her the bouquet of the nine roses still left, and they walked inside. When she opened the door she witnessed the deep red trail of petals, like a scene from a movie, leading all the way to her room. At her room, laying on the ground was a card, explaining the significance of the roses and why there was a trail of petals. At that moment it was the highlight of their relationship, and each thought that love really was approaching, as unlikely as it had seemed a few months ago.

To her, all of this seemed oddly foretold, as he explained month by month where her life would go and how it would be, and as of Valentine’s it all seemed to becoming true to her amazement. Could he really see what lay in the future, or was he just so dedicated to making it happen, that he would stop at nothing. It really was untold, but they knew that there must be something in the stars that began to align right.


A few weeks later they were out playing volleyball together. A nice beautiful evening, the sun just beginning to cast a shadow on the lawn, they could feel the grass begin to cool. On one errant pass, he hit the ball past her, and as she turned to bound away after it, the future seemed to flash before his eyes. It was a glimpse of a life with her, their perfect home, a beautiful family, the backyard they would play in, in the future, and everything seemed right. After just a second, the flash returned to real life, and she came running back with the ball in hand. He smiled sweetly at her, and they continued to pepper back and forth. It was in that moment when he realized that he was in fact, falling madly in love with her. Nothing like anything before.

Shortly after that happened to him, something similar happened to her while they were having and intimate moment together. It was late at night, and they were pressed tightly against one another, lips locked, the warmth of one another’s skin passing effortlessly between each other. She suddenly stopped, caught in her tracks. To him it seemed like he had done something wrong, the intimate moment seemed to end, but to her it was the moment when she fully realized she had fallen for him. She let him in, he was now a piece of her, and although it made her feel vulnerable, it made her feel warm and happy from within.

My Hollywood Relationship: Part 5 Foreshadowing the Future

As in every good relationship you think it is going to last forever. You feel that the person you are with is the one. Little do you know though, that the person you are with right now, especially if you are in the early stages of your adulthood, is probably far from the one for many reasons, partly for the reason that so much can change from now and until you are ready to get married. However, it can still feel incredibly happy. That is where I am at with this story right now.

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At the airport, the goodbye was sad, not particularly emotional, but still the feelings were strong, and present. They didn’t quite know what lay ahead of them for this next month, they knew it wouldn’t be ideal, but both were confident that it would work, and that the next semester would hold something much more meaningful.

He returned again to the place that he knew so well, yet really had no taste in continuing to be present there. He only wished the month was over already, and at his core, wished she felt the same way. They communicated often, not the most ideal with the time difference, and it was a new experience for him, but it didn’t seem to be too bad of an experience. In all reality it seemingly brought them closer, they had a wealth of things to talk about, and had plenty of time to learn more and more about one another, all the way down to skeletons in their closets. He would stay up incredibly late talking to her, and just waiting for the chance to hear her voice and see her sweet smile, even if she was only lit up by the dim light of her computer screen. It was memorable, and the highlight of each day, and the perfect end before bed time each night. The month seemed to go by pretty slow without being near one another, but they got through it, and returned to what they would soon realize was the happiest moments of their young lives.

My Hollywood Relationship: Part 4 True Happiness

The saga continues tonight, as I lay down the fourth installment to this wonderful relationship. For all of you that are following, let me just give you a little prelude, this is when everything starts to get happy. Hang on to your shorts though, the happiness is only beginning, and we all know that there will reach a climax when everything falls apart. Until then, let us just bask in the happiness. Part 1, 2, 3, 3.2 are linked. Enjoy.


She picked him up from the airport, making him very happy, and they shared a long hug and a kiss when they got back to campus, despite her not wanting to show a significant amount of public affection. They had one more month before they would be separated for one month, and they had to make it truly count. He set off to make her truly happy, and after getting to know her, he knew what he could do, and knew that it would work, or so he hoped.

In her dorm room, there hung many brightly colored sticky notes, filled with quotes. Some inspirational, others thought provoking, and even others full of memories. He knew that each quote had a significance in her life, past, present, and future. Each day any one of those quotes could be the one little, stunningly bright, square reminder to keep pushing forward.

It wasn’t just quotes that made her the most happy, and inspired. It was the beautiful art of music as well, the melody, the lyrics, the rhythm, and the tone. It all resonated closely to her inner self. Because of that he knew that music was something that could really reach inside her and make her happy, from the core. Picking which songs though, would be a great task, it not only had to be something shared between the two of them, but something sincerely meaningful, in language and artful experience.

His first step was to set out to the one store he knew that would have the most meaningful gifts, complete with well thought out quotes, and something that could really tug on her heart strings. He stepped softly into the store, lit mostly by the natural light from outside. His first thought was to go to the cards, to find a card that really said everything he ever wanted to say to her, summed up in one quote. As he searched, turning the wheel around and around, reading each carefully and taking a moment to think how each applied to the moments and the affection they shared, he couldn’t choose just one. Simplicity in this instant was not something that was going to work well, it needed to be more meaningful, something that could last longer and really be cherished for some time to come. After an unsuccessful period figuring it all out, he came across an unsuspecting, pastel yellow book, small, but with a hard cover and a texture that felt unique, and memorable. In simple lettering on the cover, the words Happily Grateful were written. It seemed so simple, a full book of happy and grateful quotes, it was perfect. He read through the whole book a couple times just to make sure this was the one. It showed the exact feelings that he wanted to get across to her. Each day is meaningful, you should be grateful for each and everyday, happiness is not something that happens every once in awhile, it is something that happens constantly, you just need to know where to look to find it. He didn’t want to just let the book stand alone. There needed to be a touch all his own, and he had exactly that.CD Gift

The next week he spent keeping track of all of his favorite quotes, and the ones that related most to his feelings for her, and true happiness. After that week long spent figuring out the exact quotes he wanted to share with her, he decided the perfect ones and wrote them inside the cover. It may not have seemed like much, but to him that was the best way he knew to truly show how much he cared, and how devoted he was to making her happy, not just in the present, but forever into the future. After the quotes though, it was on to the CD. That he also spent a week putting together the exact number of tracks that would show a piece of him, how he felt about her, and some songs that were dear to her. At the end of the day, when the present was complete , it wasn’t the most amazing thing in the world. To anyone outside of the couple it would have seemed dull and not necessarily worth while. He hoped when she took the time to read through it and listen, it would mean more than any expensive, flashy present ever could. He wrote a little note to go with it and called it good, now just had to wait for the right moment to give it to her.

A couple days later she came over to his room, and as they sat by his bed, he pulled out the present and gave it to her, telling her that when she said she hadn’t been truly happy in such a long time, he set out to change that, and through this gift really hoped it would. In the little time that they had spent together at that point, he could feel such a strong emotional connection to her. It was different than anyone else he had ever been with, and he just wanted to be able to make her feel as happy as she made him feel.

They sat and talked for a little while longer, and she read through the book, smiled sweetly and gave him a hug and a kiss. Nothing felt better in his 19 years than that connection in that moment. Each moment after that would forever be better than each year prior. It was just special, and it felt right. Her small frame pressed against his, felt familiar even given the short time they had known each other. Which was incredible, never once had he felt that he was so connected and so familiar with a person, in such a short amount of time. After knowing her for just a month or two, laying next to her, looking deep into her eyes, it felt like they had known each other intimately for years. He couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Shortly after, they parted ways, and continued on with the rest of the semester gearing up to go back home. It was bitter sweet, in that moment they truly felt like a couple, even though they said they weren’t looking for a relationship, it just happened, and felt to be guided by fate, but soon they would be separated for a month. The true first test of this international relationship.