Why Every Woman is Worthy of a Chase

It has been awhile since my last post, largely because I just moved into a new place and it has taken some time to get completely settled. I am back and ready to write now though, and I have a few interesting, if not evocative and controversial topics to talk about.

Let me begin with just a touch of interlude. Many friends of mine are utterly bewildered about the lack of effort that I put in to attract and “get” women, and still see enormous success every single time. It is truly a sight to see how swiftly and gracefully I pick up women. I have to admit it has come to the point where it is so easy, and one might say misogynistic, it is for me to attract women. Many times I will walk into a party, stand around talking with friends, or perhaps sitting at a stool enjoying a beer, quietly scouting the party for the best looking woman. I will then, quite literally point to her, motion for her to come over, make one move or say one ever rehearsed phrase and she is mine for the night. They are like sharks to blood, and all I have to do is jump into the ocean.

As interesting as this might seem, it does get quite boorishly boring. It is, without a doubt, a major ego boost when I can exude such little effort to get a woman, but where is the fun in that? The worth of a woman is in her words and actions, just as with a man. We are not worth much if we do not hold ourselves to a higher standard. Physicality aside, brains and wit hold far more weight in my mind when looking for an ideal mate.

Ladies, let me ask you this: would you like a guy more that can get you to swoon by the curl of his finger, and the chisel of his jaw, or one that shows his intellectual command of wit and chivalry? If you beckon with a bow and come running with eyes of stars are you ever going to be able to find a real man who will treat you like the soon to be queen that you are? 9 times out of 10, not a chance. Give a man a bit of a chase, make it even a smattering difficult, and with that you will find a man who is worth your bits. If not, be ready for a mediocre porking, and then go about your life with emptiness, pun intended. Ladies, us guys are well aware that sex is much more about the emotional connection for you, and it is better when you fully trust us, and have your muff made sufficiently wet by our wit and aplomb. Every woman is worth of a chase, and ever woman has something great to offer a man, whether she directly realizes it or not. Have some respect for yourselves ladies, I shouldn’t be able to point and tempt by a wag of the finger, at least not when it is in the air. Self respect, begets respect of self by others, use it with lavishness.

Guys let me ask you this: would you like the easiest girl at the party or do you want to show off your full artillery to what might be the woman of your dreams? Or at least the woman that will share your dreams that night. Deep down we are all alpha males, so going after a girl who is giving a strong chase, and making you work is fun, intellectually stimulating, and the bro points you will get from your buds is really going to make you look good if you can crack her code, along with her cherry. Let us be honest, as men we get bored easily if we are not constantly stimulated one way or another, so why would we ever settle for less than a strong, worthy woman. You know the sex will be better when you aren’t going Rocky on a cowhide, and you are actually making love to a muse.

Plain and simple give a little chase, give a lot of chase, but don’t give no chase at all. I’m bored, and I yearn for a woman that can match my prowess. Every god must battle for his goddess.


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