My Hollywood Relationship: Part 7 Love

It is finally time, where we fall in love. There was nothing better in life at this point, nothing at all.

Part 1, 2, 3, 3.2, 4, 5, 6


It would be a little while longer when they finally admitted that they have truly fell completely for one another. It was a very ordinary day, there was nothing particularly special about it, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and it was just like every other day before it, and everyone there after. There was one specific difference though, today was finally they day he was going to tell her that he loved her. He had been hinting at it for quite some time, drawing “I heart you” on her chest while they lay together at night, falling asleep in one another’s arms. Today though, this was the day, the wondrous amazing day that he would finally let her know how he truly felt.

He had been in a relationship before, a rather long one reaching to two years, and he did love that girl, or at least to the extent that he thought love could be felt. This time though, he knew this was everlasting, and beyond any emotional feeling that he had ever felt in his young life. He was positive that any spark of emotion, any lust for another individual before could never compare to what he had grown to experience in those last few months. She was perfect, not without imperfections, but perfect in the sense that she was the embodiment of everything he had ever wanted in a loved one. Head to toe, there was nothing better that existed in the world.

They were relaxing in his big, double bed together. They were being silly and rolling around, and he was just about to get ready for track practice, when he laid on top of her and said those three little words that he so feared saying for much too long. He didn’t say it in any grand way, he didn’t plan anything particularly romantic. He just said it, and it felt so natural, like it had been said to her a hundred times before. She was caught off guard and quickly asked if it was true, and he adoringly admonished that yes he did in fact love her without bound. She, almost astonishingly, responded, that yes she loved him too. For both of them it had to be one of the most joyful moments they had ever felt. As if he was the Grinch before, he felt like his heart grew three sizes. As normal as that moment felt, it almost seemed as though that moment should have been more momentous. It wasn’t though, but it was none the less meaningful. He loved her, and she him, and all was perfect.


Not too long after that it was time that she meet his parents. His dad was the first one for her to meet, and his dad sat waiting in his room to meet her. He knew his dad would really like her, but could never be too sure. There was no one more important to him to have like her. The first encounter went well, his dad slipped a few sly, but funny comments in their conversation, but all was well and his initial impression of her was good. The next encounter for her would be his mom, and he was positive that his mom would love her, just because of who his mom was, and indeed she did. The rest of that weekend was largely spent with his family, and she perhaps met more of his family than she had planned, but it all went very well, and they all approved of her 100%. This was incredibly meaningful for him, because it validated his sincere love for her inside and out.

Sadly, as his family left it meant that the end of the semester was approaching and that meant that he would briefly be returning home before coming back to start his company, and she would be headed back to Japan for nearly four long months apart.


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