My Hollywood Relationship: Part 1

Let me make it very clear, I have been with a fair amount of women, and I have never had a problem talking to or charming the opposite sex. Let me also make it clear, that when it comes to my relationships, that can be a problem, as those whom I date can see that as me being untrustworthy. I am not though, and yes the phrase “You can get any girl you want, so why choose me?” has been thrown around time and time again. I had a lady friend the other night, point out that yes I can essentially snap my fingers and get whatever girl I so choose, but she also noted that the girl I chose, is the one I choose for a reason. This will be a discussion topic for a post to come. As I said in my previous post I have a very defined list, often quite strict, so if I choose a girl it is for a reason.

Now let me tell you about the girl who claimed my heart this past year, and still unfortunately holds it in her hand whether I like it or not. My Hollywood romance film, and I only wish it were a comedy. Everything in this story is factually true. So without further delay, begin Part 1.The Notebook


It was a sunny day, warm from the sun, with the final days of summer still present in the uplifting air. There were a few, fluffy, light gray clouds, with what seemed like an ever so ironic silver lining. It was the first day of all new classes, and the gravel, dry, still crunched beneath footsteps as the quiet sound of birds chirped on into the afternoon, and the repetitive patter of the fountain rang off the rocks near the classroom.

It was finally the last class, of the first day of the semester, and most everyone was seated and ready to begin the first days class. One student walked in a tad bit late, and had to sheepishly slip into the only seat available. He quickly apologized to the teacher and flashed a sly smile to one of his best friends. Aside from interrupting class, this seeming occurrence had no real effect on any particular life in that room. The student appeared to be reserved, and not out of the ordinary. Perhaps he had a few telling features, green eyes, dark hair, handsome and in good health, although not incredibly tall, muscular, portly, or memorable.

The class seemed interesting enough, much different than the previous attempt this student had at the same subject. A new semester, new perspective, and new goals in store. As the lecture dragged on, the student had a chance to look around the room, glance at each face and notice each and every persons unique aspects, and mannerisms. He noticed a few people that he already knew and flashed a glance and went on to the next person. Not the most interesting bunch of people he had ever seen, but seemed like a relaxed enough environment. As the last fifteen minutes approached he did notice one particular person. She was cute, not the normal cute, but something more eye catching and unique. Beautiful black hair, soft skin, deep brown eyes, and a cute button nose. Petite and quiet, she didn’t seem to look around much, as he did. Most everyone in the room he had seen in the year prior, but her, she was new and sparked an interest, nothing out of the ordinary, but more a small ember floating in the wind. Every guy in the room noticed her that day, her sweet smile, low cut white shirt with a light sweatshirt over it, and eye catching earrings.

Class ended that day, and they both went upon their merry ways, to return to their rooms and enjoy the rest of the day, with little to no work due anytime soon. There was no locking of eyes, nor was their an exchange of a smile, or a simple hello shared. Both of them had experienced what appeared to be a normal day, a new start to another semester, and both anticipated a simple semester, full of homework, and the typical day to day just like every other semester. Little did they know that, the fact that he arrived late would forever change the course of their lives.


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